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New Chennaite
New Chennaite

Joined: 21-Sep-2008
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Quote Krishna_Sridhar Replybullet Topic: Ayurveda and its relations to Cosmetics
    Posted: 01-Oct-2008 at 11:27pm
We all know ayurveda exists from oldest of the ancient times,at the same time natural or herbal cosmetics also has its its exixtence from then only.
But, with the introduction of colour cosmetics or synthetic cosmetic produts people are exploring their skin to lot of hazardous chemicals and the base of cosmetics that is the ayurveda is losing its touch in the market.
There are many ayurvedic products in the market but how far they are really herbal is a doubt.
Just by highlighting the key ingredients the companies cannot mention the product as herbal or ayurvedic.because in most cases it is just an extract of herbs in the product.
Morever most of the cosmetics contain lot of animal products which is highly irrational for the society.
Friends lets all of us help each other and make our world free from synthetic cosmetics.
Lets spread the fire of herbal cosmetics which are in true sense herbal.

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New Chennaite
New Chennaite

Joined: 21-Sep-2008
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Quote LokeshNash Replybullet Posted: 01-Oct-2008 at 11:28pm
il tell you the problem in the cosmetics market in India.
Indian population demands the latest Fair & lovely, they want the latest brand of the Foreign country. If you wana make money then take the franchise of a foreign brand is the quickest way. Dont waste your time in Ayurvedic drugs and medicines. It going to take a long time. In creatin the brand awareness. Come on Sir, Think . . Imagine a Girl is getting ready for her marriage, which is just once in a lifetime in India. I take the example of marriage in India because , thats the time when Cosmetics get consumed to the maximum. . . 1-2 months prior to marriage. So Will she try her hand at that crucial stage at some Herbal cosmetic preparation that she sees in the Shopping malls in big cities? Come on in India maximum girls getting married ( around 95%) are in the villages. Now can your ayurvedic cosmetic product reach em? The onle brand she can reach is "Fair and lovely" or "Medimix Soap" ??
Cosmetics is bipoly , 2 Giant Fishes are fighting .. A Prawn here will have no food. It is the food for the fish. But the Fish looks for bigger food, the prawn doesnt even get noticed.
So the only way to fight the big fish is - Show the Media that Fair and Lovely is Bad ! It doesnt work ! Spread the messege. . its difficult. Monetarily difficult. You cant remove it from market .. It is the truth and reality.
I have an idea for you -) Create an Ayurvedic Hair Cream for Men ! No One has done it .. Cheers ! Enjoy.
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Senior Chennaite
Senior Chennaite

Joined: 21-Sep-2008
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Quote Avinash Replybullet Posted: 01-Oct-2008 at 11:28pm
I completely agree with you.and thanx for your reply.
Your points are completely true about the Indian cosmetics market and how it works but cant we try to change it.
You must have seen Bunty and Babli….???i suppose.
In that you must have heard thre r two kind of peoples in this world 1 who accepts everything as they came or as they get (presently this consists of the majority) 2 who do not accepts everything and try to change it.I am of that kind.
I have already got Ayurvedic Licence form the Directorate of Drugs Control, West Bengal for many products. Right now am working on the R&D for the same. Once an ready with everything we will start with the products. We are taking a lot of time in R&D only so that our products don not have any Cons.
Please help me with your support and give your light upon any products if you have formulations or any such stuff which is helpful for mi mission.
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