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Schools way of handling- Suggest me with this prob

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Topic: Schools way of handling- Suggest me with this prob
Posted By: Viji
Subject: Schools way of handling- Suggest me with this prob
Date Posted: 01-May-2009 at 5:15pm

I have got my sons admission into a Montessori and working on his transition phase there.

Today I happened to be there in the classroom and saw a teacher there scolding a kid. The kid was around 4 yrs old and the teacher was holding her hands tight and scolding her badly by moving her back and front. And then another teacher moved into that room and did the same with that kid.

I am kind of worried now. :( After seeing this I am kind of insecure leaving him alone even for a hour there.. :( Even if a kid extremely misbehaves is a Montessori allowed to handle the kid this way? Do you feel this is normal and part of schooling?

Posted By: fanofchennai
Date Posted: 01-May-2009 at 5:15pm
I can't tell anything about that teacher and kid.
May be kid is really a piece of work.
Or he did something really wrong intentionally.
Not all the kids r innocent. Some kids are way too fwd. by all means.

Posted By: Prabha
Date Posted: 01-May-2009 at 5:17pm
@ fanofchennai
I dont agree with what u said. No matter how much a kid is impossible, this is no way to treat or discipline a kid, especially in a school, in front of other kids. This cud aggravate the issue with the kid further. As a kindergarten teacher, and top of it following the montesseri method of teaching, she defintely is not upto the standard.

U need to speak abt this with the principal. Let me give u my example. My son is now 3.2 yrs old. I had put him in a prechool when he was 2.5. By nature he is not a difficult child, esepcailly outside. he is quite playful and loves learning new things. But i started seeing a lot of changes in him after being in that school for 4 months. He was quieter, and kinda disinterested. The teacher wud tell me that he doesnt sing or dance in the class. I was shocked to hear that he wud not do all this, coz he loves music an dancing. when i asked my son about all this, he wud keep telling me that the teacher is hitting everyone and touching his head.(he doesnt like anyone touching his head). I then called the maid in their class at my home, and spoke with her. she told me just what my son said. My husband and I took it up with the principal, and she seemed very cool about the thing. We immediately knew that it was a wrong choice of school. and pulled him out. He has been going to another school...its not a montesseri preschool, but its very very nice. he has finished with prenursery and will be continuing there for nursery as well...after which we will put him in a formal school the next yr. My son loves it ther. the teachers adore him. he has got 2 awards in 6-7 months.

Think about it very well. Montesseri doesnt mean "GOOD SCHOOLING" always. This tecaher definitely is not practising the right means.

Posted By: Jyotsna
Date Posted: 01-May-2009 at 5:18pm
AGree with Prabha 100%......Montesseri does not mean the best for our kids.........i too had a bad expereince with my son joining a preschool at 2.5. The principal there boasted initially that they talk only in English and train on pre defined methods. We being the eager parents were very happy. But practically speaking its not necessary to train a kid on pre-defined methods. Play way methods are better.

Now my son is 3.10 and has successfully completed KG1 and promoted to KG2...he loves his school teacher and his friend there. I stay in chennai and the local language here is tamil.The teachers here speak in tamil and English in order so that the students understand them clearly. When someone speaks in a new language unknown to the kid he feels insecure for sure.

Posted By: Prabha
Date Posted: 01-May-2009 at 5:19pm
Viji, i suggest u change the school... max u will loose out on some money, but this type of incident at this age is just not acceptable, it will not only make ur child insecure but also, he will start hating to go to school and eventually studies and friends. you can talk to teacher/principal and also try informing this incident to other parents too.... it might sound extreme.... still i guess its better not to take chance ....

Posted By: Viji
Date Posted: 01-May-2009 at 5:20pm
Thanks a lot all of you.. After seeing that yesterday i have lost my sleep whole night.. I dont think i can be peaceful with him there in such a environment. I also belive the same how ever tough the kid is you cant handle them like that.. They are montessori trained and if there education is not appied then whats the big use.. ..If i do mistake in my industry then its just loss of dollors, these teachers handle kids they must know the impact..

Thanks all of you.. I am infact going to talk to the principal today, I dont want this to happen with anyother kid ....

Posted By: Prabha
Date Posted: 01-May-2009 at 5:21pm
Good...Viji...Make sure u speak ur heart in front of the principal...

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