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What does a good school mean??

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Topic: What does a good school mean??
Posted By: Roopa
Subject: What does a good school mean??
Date Posted: 01-May-2009 at 5:36pm
Hi All,

I see threads related to 'good' schools in Chennai. Even I am worried abt finding a 'good' school for my daughter in the near future where she can be happy for 12 years.

But I would like a raise a question here for all looking for a 'good school'. What do we mean by a 'good' school? Its very subjective according to me.

Are we referred to schools that pay importance to academics and is their primary focus? Or are we focussing on schools that gives importance to extra curricular activities? Are we looking at a posh school with facilities and infrastructure or are we looking at a school with environmental focus? Are we looking at a school that nurtures creativity and problem solving or is our focus for our children to get 95% marks? Are we looking at a school that evolves curriculum based on children's interest (such a school is rare in India? or are we looking at a standard school with a set syllabus. Are we looking for a school where teachers employ varied and creative teaching strategies though the result may not be immediately evident or are we looking at a school where teachers teach by rote and teach children to learn by rote and focus on marks scoring? Are we looking a school thats strict and follows stringent rules and regulations in the name of discipline or are we looking at a school thats respects our children and gives opportunities for them to voice their thoughts and opinions?

Just a few ques that cropped in my mind but there may be many more. But I strongly feel we need to decide for ourselves what we want for our children and what is our definition of a 'good' school else we may end up being bitterly disappointed if our thoughts and expectations dont match with the philosophy of the school. Listing 'good' schools may not be enough as each schools philosophy and mode of operation and what they believe abt education may be so different that our children may end up as completely different personalities based on the school they went to...

Posted By: Prabha
Date Posted: 01-May-2009 at 5:37pm
Absolutely roopa...that we can find out out only by enquiring abt it from reliable sources. Also there is always the possibility of some teachers being very good and some teachers not meeting our expectations.


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