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Montessori method vs Private school

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Topic: Montessori method vs Private school
Posted By: Hema Ritchie
Subject: Montessori method vs Private school
Date Posted: 04-May-2009 at 1:37pm

Is a montessori method of teaching better for kid or the private school( The normal old method of teaching) method is better. In private school they teach more depending on the kids ability to learn. THey is not limited sylabus.

pls pour in your inputs .....thanks in advance

Posted By: Jyotsna
Date Posted: 04-May-2009 at 1:38pm

i think it is the opposite

montessori goes by the child level, if the child moves fast, the lessons move fast too.

in traditional education they have a scope and go by the scope, maybe for advanced kid they do a little more enrichment.

if your kid is very hands on then montessori will be a fit.

Posted By: Aruna
Date Posted: 04-May-2009 at 1:39pm

Hey Hema.
It all depends on the kid... My daughter is attending a montessori from last 3 yrs. and she loves going there... she loves the challanges and want to work on her own pace... I am not sure, if she is forced to do somehing, how she'll react... On the contarary, one of my friend kid, hate the montessori, he used to cry, through all tantrums so that he does not have to go to school... but when she moved him to a pre school, he started doing very well.... He liked the structured learning...So my advice will be, give it a shot as all the kids are diffrent...Let me know, if you need some more info... All he best

Posted By: Hema Ritchie
Date Posted: 04-May-2009 at 1:40pm


Thanks a lot for your input. I do want to try for one year montessori and then decide next year .But when discussing with my friends who is a montessori tranined teacher she say changing schools offen can affect the kid. And also heard that a montessori education pays only if you continue atleast for 2 years.

And as I think about my dear son,he cannot be forced to do anything.He just does not take anything if he is forced. In this terms of thought hope i have decided the best for him.

I did see the material that is provided in the montessori and it looks impressive. At the end of 6 years the kid can write word and sentences,vowels. And they teach until 2 digit addition and subtraction and spelling dictation everyday.

Posted By: Aruna
Date Posted: 04-May-2009 at 1:41pm
@ Hema...
I do agree with ur friend that changing school often is not a good thing, but i am sure, if you kid is not liking the school or the teaching method, you'll come to know, and in that case, its always better to try something else. As you mentioned that ur kiddo dosen't like things to forced, i think he'll enjoy the montessori , just give it a shot... All the best..

Posted By: Avinash
Date Posted: 04-May-2009 at 1:43pm

1. depends on kids, which is best for them
2. depends n managemet/teachers....some montessori have pathetic teachers! totally low grade! thats how othr private schools like kindercare,primrose,rare learning and kidsrkids rule over it!
3. depends on what your approach is at home...
4. depends on which school ISD they follow: only for US.

Montessori : structured education, age wise development,fast pace environment mostly all kids are able to cope up while few are montessori itself thr are that follows maria montessori n the othr that are self owned/professional..
maria montessori ones are the best when it comes to curriculam..while the professional ones stand at par when it comes to exposure to outer world..
studies showed that most self owned professional montessori kids were more comfortable in public school thn the ones that came out of maria montessori...although it totally dpends on kids, maria montessori kids took a while to learn from group learning..when they went for thr pre-k/k studies in public or classroom type of education.

Private ones: mostly they follow thr own style of education, n some standard professional ones like kindercare, primrose have thr own curriculam..more or less same as montessori but discipline level is little less compared to all montessori..
life basics are not much pressurized on kiddu...while in montessori, discipline is the first thing !

personality difference..the kids who are scheduled, like to do things on time or are able to express show excellent results in shortest span when put to montessori, they wont feel the pressures of montessori n will groom @ excellence..u will be able to mark the diff in them in matter of 1-2 weeks..thus the entire idea of "learning" just speeds up.
while the kids who are easy going,,when kept in schedule feel the pressure,,,feel comfortable for othr daycare or schools..and they learn faster in free environment thn the structured ones in montessori.
more to catch up with some chores:)


Posted By: Hema Ritchie
Date Posted: 04-May-2009 at 1:44pm

Thanks a lot!! Thats wonderful writting in details. Now i have a clear understanding..

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