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Bringing back the tradition, to an extent is luxur

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Topic: Bringing back the tradition, to an extent is luxur
Posted By: hystiya
Subject: Bringing back the tradition, to an extent is luxur
Date Posted: 03-Sep-2010 at 3:27pm
It is true that man has an inclination towards his past. He always tries to maintain the tradition, which gets manifested through the large number of museums being available all over the earth. Museums have turned to be a learning mechanism for human beings, which beyond that, articulate a story of his evolution and growth lying underneath. Through the maintenance of these shattered pieces of the past, one thing automatically gets stated that past is not only valuable but it is rare also. It is not necessary that all valuable things are rare, but the rare things are always valuable.

It is not only through museums, that man tries to maintain the past but also through the maintenance of old buildings. It might be in the form of mere remains, but those remains might have a huge and everlasting story to say. The maintenance of the remains of a building in Japan is evident here, as the remains evoke the remembrance of the atomic bomb attack, which shook the whole world. Seeing the building we donít get a feeling of empathy but energy, by making a contrast of the same with developments surrounded by. It is one of the greatest blending of the past and the present, which make the people understand the two phases which Japan had undergone and is undergoing.

The maintenance of other buildings like the custom houses also evokes the past glory. Beyond the maintenance some of the features are consciously trotted in the design to maintain the historical grandeur in the present vicinity. To bring back those features of the custom into a new house in this era is highly costly leads to so called luxury. But when man is after the past the present compromises with his zest, by judging luxury to be negligible. Thus the house thus built will have both custom and luxury weighing equally. This is in the hands of the CustomLuxury Home Builder( who has to bring the ideas into his design effectively. It thus becomes the inmost responsibility of the builder to carry both custom and luxury in equilibrium.

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