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Flirting behavior of Incompetents

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Printed Date: 19-Dec-2018 at 8:35pm

Topic: Flirting behavior of Incompetents
Posted By: anuanu88
Subject: Flirting behavior of Incompetents
Date Posted: 05-Feb-2015 at 3:06pm
I have come across this problem time and again. I am not writing this as a great beauty but as a person who is actually good at her work. I am referring to the problem of incompetent men using flirting as a weapon to either distract or create bad name for women in office

This might seem like an obvious topic but its not that simple or obvious. This is done very subtly to make it look like the woman is doing the flirting even though the man is doing it. The same thing might also be done vice versa. Women and innocent men need to mainly watch out for the following behaviour patterns

1. The initiator(man or a woman) drops in multiple times to chat
2. The initiator makes weird eye movements and gestures
3. Smiles at you a lot and comes very close to you.
4. Touches you and apologizes
5. Tries to "Influence" by using various facial emoticons
6. Finally when you confront, pretends that there is no intention of anything happening except "networking" or good work place camaraderie. He/she is just there to work.

I have encountered these issues a few times and I have to say its extremely annoying and irritating to deal with such people. They are very crafty and leave no evidence of their activities. I honestly think these people are incompetent and are threatened by people who are better than them at work.

Finally you will look like the bad person for imagining stuff that is not there. I was not fully aware and was caught unguarded and confused a couple of times. Its not even possible to file sexual harassment suits against such idiots. I am just writing this as a word of advice for people who might be new to the professional world.

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